New entrants: Western Michigan University International Scholarship Award, in the United States of America in the year 2022/2023

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The city of Kalamazoo is home to Western Michigan University, halfway between Detroit and Chicago. The university has more than 140 undergraduate programs and numerous master’s degrees, especially from the Haworth College of Business, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and College of Education and Human Development. Graduate students interested in a health-related career can pursue top-notch programs and train speech therapists, medical assistants, rehabilitation counselors, and auditory scientists.

After class, WMU scholars can participate by discovering more than 300 student groups, participating in recreational sports, and participating in any of the 30 associations and federations.

Throughout the campus, WMU students can explore the city’s various theaters and festivals, or drive to the beaches of Lake Michigan in South Haven in 40 minutes. Scholarship

New entrants: Western Michigan University International Scholarship Award, USA 2022/2023
Available Themes: All themes.
Application deadline: February 1, 2022. WMU Dieter H. Haenicke International Scholarships are now available to all international and undergraduate students in all subjects at Western Michigan University in the United States.

Western Michigan University has been working to transform students into people who lead healthy lives so that they can reach their goals and make a significant impact on society. Students are given the means to educate others and discuss mental health issues to help them seek help.
Benefits of scholarships:

Western Michigan University offers a variety of scholarships of varying value. Half of the grant will be paid to the student’s personal account at the beginning of the fall and spring

GPA 3.50-3.69: $ 5,000;
VPA 3.70-3.94: $ 7,500;
GPA 3.95-4.0: $ 15,000.

Fitness requirements:
To be successful, the applicant must be accepted by Western Michigan University.
Also, the applicant cannot be an international resident of the United States.
An undergraduate student looking for a qualification to come to WMU for the first time after graduating from high school or transfer from another high school.

Application process:
You do not need to submit a form in the first year. When they enroll at Western Michigan University, they are immediately and automatically considered for this exciting event. After enrolling in college, when students log in to their account, they will see a link on the main page to request these assignments.

Participants must have a strong academic background and a high school diploma to be accepted.
Backup document:

Academic performance of representatives or all current high schools and higher education institutions includes diplomas, test scores, report cards, and certificates.
Demonstration of adequate financial support for the first year at WMU, consistent with expected attendance costs.

Passport copy identification page;
Proof of English proficiency;
Non-refundable application fee of $ 100. Language requirements:

All successful students must provide proof of their English proficiency that they need to speak, write and read.
Official site: Please apply from here

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