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For students looking for scholarship opportunities, this is great news for you! GOOGLE announces Google Scholarships 2020, offering 100,000 wholly-owned scholarships to students around the world.

This is an online program that allows applicants to obtain Google Scholarships 2020, an online certificate equivalent to a degree equivalent to a student with a four-year degree and degree. In addition, you have the opportunity to study and be certified at Google without spending money on US visas or travel expenses.

These online Google scholarships do not require a specific college or college degree. The courses offered train candidates with the skills needed to qualify for work in a high-tech company.

The value of these GOOGLE scholarships:

  • For international students, there are no nationality restrictions.
  • They are equivalent to a college degree.
  • Students do not have to pay the registration fee.
  • Online classes focus only on building skills.

Google Scholarships do not require a degree to register.

Google scholarships do not require work experience.
This is online e-learning and is taught by GOOGLE staff.
The duration of the online course is 3-6 months.

GOOGLE Certificate Certificate:

GOOGLE offers career certificates in several basic and specialized areas, allowing you to acquire specific skills and earn high salaries.

Data analysis:
Data analysts analyze the data, interrupt it, and transform it into information that helps you make important business decisions. The average starting data analysis salary for operators is $ 60,000 per year, and you can earn up to $ 70,000. This certificate provides a way to “navigate the data lifecycle through tools and platforms to process, interpret, visualize and gain insights”.

User Experience Design (ux):
Ux-ui designers are generally responsible for assessing user requirements and creating easier, more accessible and more enjoyable user interfaces. According to GOOGLE, UX designers can earn $ 75,000 a year. This online class provides “the foundation for ux development and research, low fidelity wireframe and design construction, high fidelity prototype and test creation”.

project management:
A project manager is the person who is fully responsible for the success of project planning, design, execution, monitoring, control, and completion. This online course focuses on “the basics of traditional project management while providing insights into flexible project management.” According to GOOGLE, project managers can earn $ 93,000 a year.
How do I get a Google scholarship?
These courses are available on the Coursera platform, but there is a monthly fee for online class students, but GOOGLE offers these 100,000 scholarships to candidates who need to bear the cost of accreditation. .. Applicants must first register through Coursera and then register themselves.
The certification period is 3 to 6 months.

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